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Welcome to The Drafthouse Adventurers!

This will be a series of one shot adventures that we do whenever we feel like playing some 5e, but don't have/want a full campaign.

If you need a copy of the Player's Handbook (PHB), you can get a pdf copy Here.

House Rules:

Since our adventures are one shots, we're going to have a few house rules that make things a bit looser – you can find them here: House Rules.

Cheat Sheets:

Here's a link to some helpful reference sheets in case you need them: Cheat Sheets


You do not need to make a character for these adventures. Pre-made characters of every class are available for you to choose from. They all have their stats, equipment, and basic personality traits set and are ready to be played. Note: Clerics still need to pick their own gods, and spell casters will choose their own spells.

Just follow the links below and download the character you want. If you find any problems with them let me know.













Some of the races are not from the PHB you can find info on them at these links:

Sword Coast Adventurer's GuideGhostwise Halflings, Deep Gnomes, and Feral Tieflings

Volo's Guide to MonstersGoliaths, Aasimar, Tabaxi, Kenku, Lizardfolk, and Tritons.

Princes of the Apocalypse (Appendix A)Genasi

Traits, flaws, bonds, and ideals for each character can be found on page 5 of the pdf. These are meant to be quick and easy characters you can choose so that you don't have to spend time making a whole new character every time we want to do a one shot.

If you want to make your own character you can – it's a 30 point buy and you can use the point calculator below.

5e Point-Buy Calculator

If you make your own character you can use this excel character generator: Character Generator.

Or if you want to fill in your sheets by hand, you can use these blank pdf sheets: Blank Character Sheets.

Main Page

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