House Rules

All of these are subject to discussion and change should we decide that we don't want to use them anymore – we could also add more as we go along if we feel the need. These are just meant to make things a bit easier for us to get going with new characters, give the game more flavor, and make the characters a bit more fun to play.

1) All characters get a an extra feat from this list  or this other list at level 1. Go for it, let's give these guys a little bit of extra zazz.

2) All player characters take full health on level ups for the first 3 levels.

3) Potions can be used on yourself as a bonus action instead of a full action.

4) Rests: You're all moderately heroic so short rests will only be 30 min. In addition we will be adding breathers (mini-rests); taking a breather will let you rest for 5 minutes, during which you can expend hit die to regain health as during a short rest, but you gain none of the other benefits of a short rest.

5) When you roll a crit on an attack you will deal full damage instead of rolling for it.

6) When using the Intimidate skill you can use your Strength modifier or Charisma modifier if you so choose (make sure to change your description of how you're intimidating accordingly).

7) Grappling: Instead of Grapple checks being made solely with Athletics, Acrobatics can be used to Grapple any creature that is the same size as the one grappling. Monks can use Acrobatics to grapple creatures up to one size larger than themselves. (Think of Acrobatics based Grappling as being more like Jui Jitsu.)

8) Taking the Dual Wielder feat also gives you Two Weapon Fighting Style.

9) If it's your first time casting a particular spell in the group – give a detailed description of what happens in game. Not just the stats and damage – what does it look like, how does it manifest? What color are your magic missiles, are they shaped like arrows or balls of energy? Try putting your own style on your spell casting.

10) You must create a character that is willing to work with the party towards a common goal – they don't all have to be best friends, but they all need to work together. No brooding loner edgelord characters who trust nobody and would never work with others and have no interest in anything outside themselves and can never be motivated to take action by an outside force.

11) A dice that goes wild or hits the floor gets re-rolled.



House Rules

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